St. Lewis College of Management is one of the aspirational projects of IBMR-IBS institutions that have marked the education sector for twenty years across India. Amrita Maria Lewis is a visionary with an enterprising mind that has developed affordable management study programs. With the IBMR group’s help, it was possible to set up an institution that now provides easy and accessible goals achievable in the management field for today’s youngsters.

There is a growing demand for management professionals to enter the world of business with their skills and knowledge. At St. Lewis, we provide quality management programs for students to excel in the course and showcase them in their careers. We have the advantage of having an outstanding faculty who have a corporate interface and industrial experience. We are committed to providing the best of their expertise to teach the students about the corporate world.

Our professional, innovative, and focussed teaching methods help students gain business aptitude and skill enhancement to give the students an edge over others in the foray. The student can learn emerging business trends and interpersonal relationship development, leadership qualities, and management skills.

Vision & Mission

To build a renowned institution providing quality education with the best infrastructure and esteemed faculty to impart knowledge.

To nurture a conducive learning environment by customising and improving continuously to elevate education levels. Help establish innovative skills and encourage higher learning.

Why choose Lewis

St. Lewis believes in experiential learning and gives the students ample opportunities to explore their potential academics and beyond. The programs are designed to enable students to understand their strengths throughout their course of study with us. The infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities for teaching using specific learning modules that make it a most sought-after institution. Encouraging students’ clubs and committees to help develop a multifaceted individual.


A holistic environment intermingled with professional coaching aids in bringing out the best in our students.