Student Development Activities

The training methodology is unique and includes:

Since the student will spend some formative years with us on our campus, we want students to enjoy their time at St. Lewis College of Management. Hence we have ensured that students have some kind of recreation. Therefore, we emphasise extracurricular activities and academic coaching for the students to gain overall development.
Student committees are formed at the beginning of the academic year to conduct student activities. The planning and coordination are all part of the learning process, which allows them to build organisational, leadership, and team-building skills.

Several annual events get conducted, and these have full participation from the student community in the college. There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding such events, with many of them displaying their various skill sets. Some of them get conducted over a month. These events are part of the college curriculum to help the students be more inclusive and participative.

Some of the events held at St. Lewis College of Management

  • ● Annual cultural program
  • ● Orientation program for freshers
  • ● Profile mapping and industrial orientation
  • ● Mentoring and career counseling
  • ● Global exchange program

Several student clubs for sports and cultural events, business fests, events regarding specialisations, and others form a part of usual programs conducted in the college.

Their views and opinions help the students ascertain and tackle uncertainties in businesses. They get every kind of training to understand the contemporary world of running the corporate world.

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Annual Cultural Program

Annual Cultural Program,which provides opportunities to exhibit their talent and develop their inner aspirations.

Orientation Programme for Freshers

Which is one of the most appreciated and well-accepted program to offer an enriching platform for new joiners. Transformation with the Orientation Progamme which will be held when the new batch of students join the program and normally it will spread across a month.

Profile Mapping & Industry Orientation

It is one of the unique and most important session which runs for two weeks. Each newly joined student's profile is mapped and analyzed to understand each student's Future Fit and Skill requirements in this session. The session is lead by HR managers of various companies.

Mentoring and Career Counseling

It is a regular and most required session at IBMR-IBS. Each student will be assigned to Mentor to assist and guide the student in career planning, progress monitoring, and problem-solving related to the programme.

Global Exchange Program

It is one of the most important opportunities wherein selected students can study part of their semester in leading international universities. The selection will be based on the guidelines of a global partner.

Events at
St. Lewies

Students Clubs

Events Club

Sports Club

Cultural Club

Corporate Relations




Editorial Board

Professional Development

Entrepreneurship Cell

Organizing personality enhancing sessions and Knowledge workshops to acquire skill sets that are essential to face the corporate challenges in their professional career.

To identify the entrepreneurial spirit and arrange for special mentoring sessions and B plan sessions.